Your Thriving & Sustainable Therapy Practice Starts Here!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist turned Mindset, Business, & Marketing consultant for therapists who want to build a six-figure practice. With custom solutions and personalized coaching, I help my clients improve their business mindsets, communicate their value, and market offerings that prioritize profit with purpose.

My Story

I don’t believe in operating from a “business as usual” mindset, which has largely been influenced by the story of how I started my business. With a small $1,000 loan and a tiny 8 x 8 ft office, I opened my own private practice after feeling overworked and undervalued while working for a therapist agency.

In six short months, I had a full caseload of 20+ clients per week, but that was just the beginning. Now five years later, my private practice has grown into a multi-six figure business. I want to help you find the same freedom and flexibility that comes from starting your own profitable private practice.

It takes grit and determination to reverse your limiting beliefs and build your practice from a place of abundance and clarity, but I know you have the passion and drive to make it happen. You just need a thoughtful, experienced partner to guide you through the process.

I will help you to:

Combining tried and true marketing techniques with easy-to-implement strategies, I help therapists clarify their messaging and connect deeply with their ideal clients.

By understanding the full value of what your services provide, we will strengthen your mindset so that you feel confident in setting fees and making money.
As we streamline your processes and improve your client communication, you will be equipped to nurture client relationships with ease and confidence.