Hey there,

I want to help you gain the clarity and skills to build a private practice that is easy to run, makes you money, and serves the people you’re called to help.

Let me tell you why,

I have been thinking a lot about this industry and believe that therapists are being abused within the system. Smart, hardworking, caring, graduate level clinicians are living paycheck to paycheck, feel undervalued, overworked, and having trouble making ends meet. This is not okay. And, honestly, it makes me angry. I digress.

I first started out in an agency setting making minimum wage. I found myself burnt out and resentful. At times, I was making equal to or less than the low income families I was working with. And the worst part? The people in charge seemed to believe this was acceptable.

This is all contributing to a therapist mindset of low self worth. People are burning out. People are leaving the field for more lucrative positions. This is weakening the entire industry. And worse, it is impacting the people we are supposed to serve. If we don’t feel good about our work we cannot do good work.

The reality is that when therapists make a good income they do better work AND they are able to service more types of people – including low income folks who need our support just as much as our wealthier clients.

After struggling to survive financially in the agency, I decided I had enough. I had $12.59 in my bank account (a number seared into my mind because the utter fear I had about paying bills that month – including a hefty $1,000 school loan payment). I sold my car, got rid of all extra expenses, and lived off of $1.50 mac and cheese.

I borrowed $1,000 from my dad, found a $300.00 a month office, and that began my journey to private practice. Within 6 months I had a full caseload (20+ clients a week), a new office space, and brought on another clinician to see some clients part time.

5 years later and I now have a thriving group practice with a revenue of almost $400,000 last year. Let that sink in, a small business started with a $1,000 loan is on track to building a revenue of half a million dollars in 5 years.

I want to help you have this, too.

I want to help you you make more money by clarifying your worth and removing mindset blocks.

I want to help you make this process less overwhelming and more attainable.

I want to help you get clarity in regards to the systems you need to develop.

I want to support you in marketing yourself so people know you actually exist!

I want you to have a sustainable and thriving practice.

But most of all, I want you to feel respected and valued. I want you to have a life  – travel, be a mom, hang out with your dog, take a walk once in awhile. Do the things that also make you happy.

I am so excited to continue sharing with you the tips and tricks I have learned along the way to do good work AND make a good living. I believe that all therapists have the capacity to have a career that fills up their cup rather than drains it. Whether you are contemplating  a switch to solo practice or are struggling to get your current practice off the ground, I am here for you and rooting for you.

I’d like to offer you this free worksheet to help you begin to consider how your mindset is impacting your bottom line. 

Want to hear more about what I can offer? I would love yo offer you  a free 30 minute consult here.

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