Ways to Adapt Your Therapy Practice to Succeed in the Digital World

Are you feeling frustrated week after week trying to keep your schedule full? Do you find yourself wondering how to create streamlined systems that make running your business easier? Are you wondering why your client retention is low? And how about the fact that equally-skilled clinicians are getting noticed by the media and yet you are not?

Is it possible that you have been resistant to or uncertain of how to integrate technology into your practice?

As technology continues to develop, our world will become more dependent on it. We already know that Google is where most people are finding their therapists. In our own lives, we can see a preference for chat-based apps for quick communication instead of phone calls. We also know that more and more people in the United States are traveling for work or frequently moving. As technology continues to evolve, so will the world of therapy. There are already apps that offer text message therapy.

Let this be your pep talk: either keep up or get left behind.

Our digital world is affecting our traditional therapy practices by creating:

A need for more authenticity and transparency

We can offer this by having “About Me” sections on our websites or by creating professional Instagram or Facebook accounts.

A need for low-barrier accessibility

People expect and prefer to be able to access services easily. Utilizing a website, text messaging, and an online scheduler are important components of taking away the barriers to treatment.

A need for strategic marketing

There are a lot of therapists out there, so now – more than ever – it is important that you market yourself. People want to see therapists that they can “research.” Gone are the days where a doctor’s referral was the only access to treatment. People have choice. They want to look at your website and find things that you have written in the media.

Being a presence online allows them to make an educated decision about whether or not they would like to work with you. A part of being a presence is using online software, like Google Analytics, to ensure that you are using strategic marketing the right way.

An opportunity for a wider clientele

Technology allows us to connect with people that would never have found us in the past. I live in Pennsylvania where there are many rural areas. Some areas do not have a therapist within an hour’s drive. Utilizing online video technologies allows people in these areas to access services.

And, even better, it allows them to access services with any Pennsylvania online therapist they wish to see. This opportunity allows people in rural areas, people with disabilities, and people that are suffering with debilitating physical or mental illness to receive treatment from a therapist of their choice. Opening yourself to online technologies will make you one of their options.

A desire for streamlined business practices

Our clients want to pay with credit card. They want their bills to go to their e-mail. They want to pay online instead of sending in a check. Accepting credit cards and using practice software, like Simple Practice (receive one month free and $50 toward your first paid month when you use my link!), can help you to manage these aspects of your business with fluidity.

Are you running a practice but need to make some sort of breakthrough to make it to the next level? Struggling to decide whether or not you are ready to go full time or bring on associates? 

I am here for you!

I help therapists overcome the voices in their head that are telling them they just cant do it! I know these voices are full of BS. I listen to your fears, worries, struggles, and concerns and I help you to respond to those with exploration, reflection, and actionable advice.

Learn more here.

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