How Mindset is the Number 1 Block to Success in Private Practice

I talk to A LOT of therapists. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do. I love hearing about their goals for private practice and how it is going to open doors for them.

Open doors to:

  • supporting their ideal client
  • a beautiful office
  • room to grow
  • freedom and flexibility
  • a better paycheck
  • an opportunity to hone their desired skill set
  • a shorter commute time.
  • more time for writing, teaching, or running workshops…

And so, so much more.

When I ask, what is holding you back from opening these doors? What has made it hard to attain your desired outcome? I hear varied answers that mostly go in the direction of tasks and knowledge:

  • “I feel really confused about how to set it all up”
  • “I am not sure how to set fees”
  • “I don’t know where I should rent office space”
  • “I need tips to build a website”

And , while I can and do help them to come up with solutions for their questions and systems to manage it all, the biggest issue underlying it is this:

Somewhere along the line you developed a mindset that is blocking you from success.

This truth is often missed during the development of private practice. You can file your business paperwork, get an accountant, find the office, and make the website and still struggle in practice. All because of an internal dialogue that is making you believe things that just are not true.

Because of that, many private practice therapists end up in a place that they don’t want to be – disliking their practice, struggling to get clients, hating the money aspect, or just deciding it isn’t worth the headache. They don’t grow the way they wanted to. They have the beautiful office but for some reason the work doesn’t feel as beautiful as it should. They create the website but they know they aren’t really “showing up” as an authentic self on it.

Shifting your mindset

Shifting your mindset starts with awareness of your mindset. If you notice you are feeling stuck with your practice in some capacity, it is most likely a mindset issue. If it was anything else you would have already come up with the solution. Google, Instagram, and Barnes and Noble are full of resources that can tell you EXACTLY how to accomplish any task or overcome any problem – other than your mindset.

Overcoming your mindset takes deep reflection and time with your self. It takes another person asking you questions, making connections, and supporting you in developing the confidence to shift things in your mind.

Examples of mindset issues are:

  • What you believe about money
  • How you feel about professionalism
  • Imposter Syndrome issues
  • Issues with visibility
  • Beliefs & feelings about being self employed
  • Issues with conflict management
  • Issues with assertiveness
  • Difficulty maintaining motivation and drive
  • etc, etc, etc

You get the picture. What we believe about the world, ourselves, and our business impacts what we get out of these things. It impacts how we show up. It impacts how we interact. It impacts the success of our practice.

So, if you are struggling in your business, take a moment to step away from the business of “fixing something” or “changing something” and consider how you have been limiting your greatness.

Article by: Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT

Elizabeth is a private practice coach, therapist, and AAMFT approved supervisor in Philadelphia. Elizabeth supports therapists in overcoming mindset blocks so that they can implement effective marketing & business strategies to create a self sustaining practice.

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