How Self Care is Business Care

Self care is such a buzzword right now. You see it EVERYWHERE! And, everyone wants to sell their own special version of it.

It is probably part of what you talk about to your own clients – in the therapy room, on social media, through blog posts, or in your newsletters.

Yet, as therapists & business people we often forget to practice what we preach.

It can be hard to shut the computer and choose not to send off another networking e-mail.

It can be tough to know when to say “sorry I don’t have any openings at that time” when we are trying to build a caseload.

It can be hard to go for the run when we think we should go for the coffee with a potential referral source.

And yet, self care is a vital part of business care. If you do not take care of yourself then your business will suffer because you will suffer.

Remember: You are the business!

How does lack of self care cause problems in a business?

I have seen it play out in a few ways:

  • Creating and sharing content when you are depleted with result in content that doesn’t have the spark that people are looking for.
  • Working with clients when you are not eating, sleeping, or taking time to yourself will result in a brain fog that makes it challenging to connect & bring your “A Game”.
  • Working when you are overwhelmed often leads to self doubt or resentment. This leads to withdrawing from your business goals.
  • Not having enough time separate from work stalls creativity. You need that creativity to think of new ways to market you practice, connect with your clients, and build your business.

This list could go on and on. But, you get the point. Slow and steady wins the race. It is better to take a week off from marketing than to force yourself to market when you are not feeling it.

It is better to take a sick day than it is to power through and provide poor services.

How might putting self care firsts play out in your business?

For me, it has shown up in the way I set my fees, make my schedule, market and work on administrative tasks.

When I set my fees:

I know that I need to have a certain fee to cover the costs of my business and to be adequately paid for the work I am doing. I choose a fee that will not lead to me feeling overworked and underpaid.

Sticking to my fee is an act of self love. And, when I don’t pay attention to how I am dealing with my money mindset, I find myself feeling depleted and financially uncomfortable.

Making my schedule

It is tempting to “add” one more hour here or there to see a client when they cannot fit into my openings. I used to do this a lot in the beginning because I thought I wouldn’t build a caseload if I didn’t.

At that time in my life I thought there wasn’t much harm in it. I wasn’t married. I didn’t have a baby. But, in reality, I was setting myself up for relationship with clients and colleagues that allowed too much flexibility.

Having a schedule allows you to plan your life around it, connect with things outside of work, and it also sets a great boundary with the people you work with.

And, I promise you, people that want to work with you figure out how to come see you during the times you have open.


Marketing tasks are a huge part of my work. Other than seeing clients, nothing takes much time in a private practice besides consistently putting your name out there. This is something that I have struggled to balance in the past. Now that I have found a great balance, it fits into the schedule like anything else.

One of the most important mindset balances in creating that balance was reminding myself that taking a break from it does not make major negative impacts.

It is okay to take a day off. It’s okay to skip the Friday newsletter. If you are depleted on those days or you just don’t have anything important to say then don’t force it.

This will help you to maintain quality over time – which is what people want from you.

Considering how you can put yourself first and allowing yourself to do that will help you build a private practice that thrives. And the bonus? You’ll actually enjoy it.

By: Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT

Ready to build or grow the private practice of your dreams and make money in a way that feels good? Ready to get clear on exactly what steps you need to take to get in front of more potential clients, communicate how you can help them, and turn them into paying clients?

Want to do this without wasting time or money?

I can help. I know what it’s like to be great at what you do and ready to grow but to have absolutely no idea of how to start! I’ve made the mistakes, wasted the money, and wasted the time. And, now, I know the secret to building a sustainable, profitable and, ENJOYABLE private practice.

This is exactly why I offer Private Practice Intensives, a focused coaching call designed to help you develop the steps you need to take to begin building or growing your business.

While we won’t be able to solve everything in one call, you will leave feeling clearer, more focused, and armed with a list of tasks that will grow your practice.

During recent coaching intensives we’ve outlined strategies to open or grow your practice, marketing plans, financial plans, and developed clarity around which business model is best. We’ve also shifted mindset blocks around skill level (“imposter syndrome”), visibility, money issues, and fear.
Know you’re ready for the next step and serious about taking your practice to the next level and making more money doing what you love? Let’s talk! 

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Let’s get you out there so that you can do the work you were made to do helping the people that need you most.

To read more about Elizabeth click here.

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