5 Services I offer in my practice

That provide value, allow me to be creative, and help pay the bills.

I am a creative at heart. For me, I need my work life to allow for my creativity. I also get easily bored and so having a job where I can “mix things up” was one of the big reasons I wanted to own my own business.

You CAN make money in private practice and be wealthy by just providing traditional 50 minute sessions. But, you might also be interested in how you can create more streams of revenue.

I am here to tell you that our profession offers so many opportunities for creating streams of revenue. We have information and skill that people want and need. When you think creatively, it’s easy to come up with services that benefit people and get you paid!

Here are 5 services I have offered to create multiple revenue sources:

  1. Group Supervision
    • Group supervision is a great way to mix up your work week, connect with other professionals, and make some money. You also provide a great service for therapists that need your expertise and want to save money. Group supervision offers therapists a reduced fee option for therapists seeking supervision, however you will be paid the same OR more than your hourly rate.
    • Revenue: $60.00 per person at 6 people = $360.00
  2. Case Consultation
    • Allow therapists to learn from your knowledge base and provide case consult in regards to your specialty. Your time and knowledge is valuable. Offer case consult and charge your hourly rate or more.
  3. Webinars
    • Hosting web based psychoeducational events is fun, provides an important service, and will make you money. If you have an expertise in something you can create a program, sell it, and host it using a site like Zoom. In my own business, I have hosted relationship events for individuals, couples, and therapists. These events focus on my specialty, provide needed information for the participants at a lower cost than therapy, allow for fun interaction, and get me paid.
    • Revenue: $50.00 per person, 70 people = $3,500
  4. Intensive Couples Therapy
    • I offer weekend long couples therapy sessions. A couple will book me for 2 consecutive days where we will have 12 hours to work through their biggest issues. These weekends are incredibly effective and provide a holding space for big issues.
    • Revenue: $3,000 per weekend
  5. Community Workshops
    • You can host workshops for the community (your ideal client community or therapy community). I use Eventbrite to sell tickets for the in-person events. The sky is the limit on your creativity here.
    • Revenue: Dependent on workshop cost! If you host a 2 hour workshop at $49.99 and have 10 people you will make $499.99. That is about $250.00 an hour!

Other ideas for income generation include selling workbooks, hosting retreats, or creating programs that people can complete at home. And, on a larger scale, owning a group practice.

There are many ways that a therapist can get creative with their knowledge! I can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

By Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT

Speaking of services, I am now enrolling for my MBA for Therapists Masterclass where you’ll learn what it means to be a boss, how to be plan, be seen, and make money. Want more info? Click here to read all about it!

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