The 10 Streams of Revenue in My Business

One of the most exciting and creative aspects of private practice are the opportunities to use your knowledge in a variety of ways.

Being in private practice does not have to mean you ONLY offer 1:1 weekly therapy (although if this is what you want that is totally cool too!).

This week alone, I received a paycheck from my practice, a check from Eventbrite, a check from Gumroad, a check from The Council for Relationships for a workshop we did, and a check from the restaurant group we partner with.

Here are 10 ways I make money in my business:

  1. My private practice clients – I see 15-25 clients a week depending on the week. I see some in my office and some via teletherapy through Simple Practice.
  2. Intensive Couples Therapy – I offer a specialized offering in my practice of weekend long “retreat” couples therapy ( I make $3,000 per booking with this one!).
  3. AAMFT Supervision Group – I am an AAMFT approved supervisor and I offer group supervision. This is a good way for supervisees to get low cost supervision and for me to still cover costs and my fee.
  4. Live webinars – I host live webinars that participants sign up and pay for to attend live. 
  5. Webinar Recordings – After I finish a webinar, I put all of the live recordings, worksheets, and any other resources together and package them to sell at a reduced rate.
  6. Therapy groups – This is a great way for me to offer affordable counseling services and still cover my costs and have my fee covered.
  7. Workshops – The practice offers workshops using two models – either selling tickets OR offering a workshop to a business, school, or other entity for a lump sum.
  8. Partnerships– I partner with a major restaurant group. This group pays for any of their employees to receive therapy at our practice.
  9. Consulting – Using my degree in Organizational Development and my knowledge of building a practice, I am able to have this side biz (@moderntherapypractice).
  10. Outside supervision – I am hired by The Council For Relationships to provide supervision for their staff.

BONUS: I also own a group practice which has been set up so that I can pay myself, the rent, and continued costs of growing PLUS pay therapists a fair rate as either w2 or 1099 employees.

These are only a FEW ways that you can monetize your knowledge in your business. There are many other options, as well.

Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT is a therapist and group practice owner in Philadelphia. She loves helping therapists develop a business mindset so they can do the work they love most AND thrive.

Want to consider how you can create different revenue streams? I’d love to help you dive into your creativity.

I am only working with a limited number of therapists in my private practice intensives. Want to see if we are a good fit?

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