I almost shut down my Instagram.

Here is why.

Over the last two weeks I was having major “writers block”. I felt completely stuck on what to post. I noticed myself feeling less energetic about using my platform on @moderntherapypractice. I noticed myself brainstorming ideas for blog posts and never making the time to write them.

I skipped sending out a newsletter TWICE.

A photo of a "lightbulb" in a post about running out of ideas for your private practice marketing content.
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Had I run out of ideas?

My son had his last week of school at the beginning of June, making me a stay at home, work at home mama. I haven’t had the time to write blog posts, engage on Instagram, or format newsletters. I haven’t even had much time to think.

While, I’d like to say that I knew how to offer myself compassion in the face of my schedule change, I did the exact opposite.

I shamed myself and shut down.

I started comparing myself to other therapy practice consultants.

I started thinking I wasn’t doing any of this right.

I started starting creating content that was not exciting to me and that didn’t fit my message.

I avoided my blog & Instagram.

I started drafts that I never finished.

I told myself that I don’t know enough. I don’t have enough to give.

I got into analysis paralysis and some bits of perfectionism.

And then,

I promised you a blog post with 5 ways to make your practice more easily accessible.

A post born out of comparing myself to other therapist consultants.

So, I haven’t wanted to write it. The idea of bullet pointing 5 things and linking them for you bored the shit out of me. Truly.

There is nothing wrong with this type of article, in fact I find them quite helpful. And, I do like writing them here and there because they can provide value.

But, that article was not coming from an authentic space within myself.

I won’t judge myself for any of this.

Because, it’s totally normal.

It is normal to find ourselves in cycles of perfectionism and comparison.

It is normal to feel uninspired here and there.

It is normal to get frozen.

It is normal to compare.

I want to give you permission to feel this way from time to time AND to dig deep into what it means.

I’m so glad I didn’t allow it to overcome me to the point that I deleted my instagram, closed my newsletter, and disappeared into the abyss.

Instead, I talked it out. I figured out what was keeping my stuck. I explored more deeply what I want my message to be in this space.

And, here it is:

There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to run a private practice.

You can successful regardless of which online scheduling system you use. You can be successful if you choose insurance or private pay. You can be successful if you go with paper notes or Simple Practice.

I am always happy to share with you information about those types of things.

But the things that really make me HAPPY, EXCITE ME, and FIRE ME UP, are the moments I support you in building your own value, shifting your own mindsets, and leaning into your own authenticity so that you can show up in the world in a way that it needs you.

I also want to remind you that if you are feeling stuck with making decisions, being visible, and creating growth it might not be because you are not good at those things. It might be because you are trying to replicate someone else’s work, comparing yourself, or getting stuck in a cycle of perfectionism.

Without futher ado, here it is: 5 ways to make your practice easily accessible.

Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT Private Practice Consultant to Therapists

Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT is a therapist, group practice owner, and therapist consultant. To read more about here click here.

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