The template that makes writing a therapist bio so much EASIER!

By Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT

Recently, I helped a supervisee write her bio for a practice she has recently joined. We wrote the bio in a way that makes her seem like a real human that knows her stuff and is ready to connect. We expressed how she can help the person and what it will be like to go to therapy and feel those life altering changes.

And then, her practice gave her a template based off of an old school style that does not really work. That template is the one you all have seen when you visit therapy sites. It’s the type of bio that you start to read and then trail off within moments because it is ALL ABOUT the therapists and not about the client.

What we know works much better in marketing, is to connect with the person you are trying to serve. It is better to open up your bio by talking about THEM instead of talking about YOU.

Here is an example using my bio.

When we begin by talking about ourselves – our CBT and our DBT and our Licenses and our PHD’s we are pushing the client away. In all honesty, these acronyms mean nothing to them. They want to know you understand them, you can help them, and that you’ve helped other people before.

So, let’s shift the script and start talking to the people that really needs us!

Part 1: Connect

Take a moment to connect with the reader.
“If you are here right now you might be struggling”

“I know it takes a lot of courage to be on my page considering therapy”

“Welcome. I am glad you are here”

Part 2: Empathize

Speak to the reader like they are on your couch.

“I am so sorry you are struggling. If you are here, you might be wondering what happened to your relationship and where it all went wrong. Maybe you find yourself questioning whether it can last. Perhaps you were recently in a big fight with your significant other that has rocked your connection at it’s core”

Part 3: Give Guidance

I know your situation is unique, what I can also say is I have worked with many other couples that in many ways are just like you. That struggle to communicate, that feel confused about where it all went wrong, that don’t know what else to do. And, in our work together we learn how to improve our capacity to hear and listen to each other, redevelop friendship, and create a life that is fulfilling.”

Part 4: Hope

I want to do this with you, too. I believe that in our time together you will learn how to see and understand each other on a deeper level so that you can make clear and conscious decisions about your relationship.

Other couples that I have worked with have stated that they feel more connected to themselves and each other, that their relationship is stronger and more transparent, and that they’ve been able to make decisions and compromises based off of clear understanding.

Part 5: Call to Action

Want to see if we are a good fit? Give me a call or an e-mail and we can talk.

Make sure you include easy ways to get in touch with you – e-mail link, phone number, and self scheduler button if you have it.

There you go! That is it! And no where do you see LMFT or PhD or CBT written anywhere!

I know, you are proud of your hard work and your studies but your hard work and studies is what built the framework for you to connect and help people. They need to hear that part first.

Put your CV at the bottom of the page or in a margin. The people that care will find it.

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