Before you Grow Your Practice, Reflect on These Things.

Are you ready to grow your practice? Is your phone ringing off the hook and you need some other clinicians to take on the referrals?

It might be a good time to expand and bring on other clinicians. Before you do, consider what type of private practice model is going to be best for your vision.

Take a moment to reflect.

Ask yourself, why do I want to expand?

What is my long term vision?

What do I hope to bring to the clients the practice serves?

What do I hope to bring to the clinicians I will be working with?

What do I hope to bring to myself?

What do I hope to bring to my community?

Take time to consider the answers to these questions.

Often, private practice owners grow without fully thinking through WHO you want on your team and WHY. This works in the beginning but over time it might become tricky if it isn’t matching your vision for client care, self care, or community care.

Once you have a clear vision on why you want to grow, you can begin to explore HOW you will grow.

Stay tuned. I will be sharing FOUR types of private practice business models in my next posts.

Elizabeth Earnshaw is the owner of two businesses – a thriving private practice in Center City, Philadelphia and an online school that offers psychoeducation and therapist training programs. She is passionate about helping therapists to create a thriving career so they can live abundant lives. To read more about her, click here.

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