If you are on my page right now it is because you are ready to do something really exciting with your career. I am so excited to take you from where you are now to where you want to go. I help therapists and other healers build businesses that help them create the life they dream of.

I offer three services:

  • The MBA for Therapists Masterclass
  • 3 Month Growth Program
  • The Intensive

PLEASE NOTE: I am not currently booking clients for the 90 minute consultation. I have limited availability for the 3 Month Growth Program.

Here are some of the tangible results my clients have gotten:

  • Leave agency jobs and start practices from scratch building to full caseloads within a few months.
  • Scale their practices from solo practitioner to several therapists.
  • Relaunch practices with more sustainable models.
  • Start membership programs.
  • Launch online businesses that sell therapy journals, workbooks, and/or courses
  • Host international retreats
  • Increase revenue
  • Open community spaces
  • Featured on podcasts and in major publications
  • Get a book offer
  • Get speaking gigs

Here are some non-tangible results my clients have gotten:

  • Confidence running a business
  • Clarity around goals for the future
  • Leadership skills to manage growing businesses
  • Comfort with delegating tasks
  • Job satisfaction
  • Life balance
  • An opportunity to be creative
  • Reduced overwhelm
  • Development of mindsets that help you to get out of your own way.

The MBA for Therapists Masterclass

Join a group of likeminded therapists for FIVE MONTHS of coaching, course work, and community as you take your business from idea to implementation.

Learn how to:

  • have a business mindset so you can create something that lasts for the long term.
  • market your business so you can help more people.
  • get comfortable with money so you can charge your value in a fair and ethical way.
  • plan ahead so that you don’t waste time or money growing your business.

Over the course of 5 months, Elizabeth will support you through:

  • online training videos that help you to understand how to build, plan, market, and financially sustain a business.
  • worksheets to guide your growth.
  • weekly live calls that help you get your burning questions answered
  • a supportive Facebook community

…so that you can take concrete steps to improve your business and money mindset AND build a sustainable end profitable practice utilizing tried and true marketing techniques and planning strategies. 

Next cohort begins late Winter 2020

3 Month Private Practice Growth Program

Are you ready to build or grow a next level practice? I want to do it with you. What would it feel like to be in business for yourself and to really TRUST that you are a business person? What would it be like to find ways to make $3,000 in one weekend, let alone in one week? How would things be different if you truly believed in the fact that you can rely on yourself to create an income that supports yourself and your family.

In this program you will receive:

  • A questionnaire prior to our work together.
  • A 90 minute intensive to create a blueprint for your practice growth.
  • Three 45 minute calls a month for 2 months (1 call a week for 3 weeks, 1 week off).
  • Unlimited e-mail support and task management support
  • A bonus intensive check in at the end of the third month.

In my 3 month program, I will be by your side as you become clear on your business goals, break through your mindset blocks, and build a business that is sustainable, profitable, and fun.

The total cost of this program is $4,000.00. Payment plans available.

Before I book a 3 month intensive, I like to make sure that we are the right match for each other. Let’s book a discovery call to see what type of support you need and the ways I think I could help! Please e-mail me directly at so we can find a time to chat!

90 Minute Private Practice Intensive

Currently unavailable. Want to join the waitlist? E-mail me at .

Let’s spend 90 minutes together getting clear on your goals, breaking through mindset blocks, and creating a blueprint for your practice. Your intensive is followed by 2 weeks of unlimited e-mail support and a 30 minute follow up call.

Our call is not one size fits all – it is tailored to your needs. Here are some of the things we might work on:

  • Developing a plan for your business and giving guidance on how to take action – taking you from the ideas to the implementation.
  • Getting past mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck.
  • Coming up with a strategic marketing plan to let the world know you exist and to help the people that would most benefit from your services connect with you.
  • Developing plans to grow/scale your practice or create businesses outside of the traditional private practice model.

About our call

The 90 Minute intensive is best suited for a therapist that needs a little jump start but believes they can mostly do it on their own. This might be a therapist just dipping their toes in or someone that already has an established practice.

Get ready for a call that will help you better understand yourself and your practice. During our 90 minutes together we will talk shop by exploring what your practice needs to thrive. This might mean talking about how to improve your social media presence or network. It might mean discussing how to expand into a group practice. It will likely mean that we dive deep into the things that are keeping you stuck.

At the end of the call, you will have clarity & a plan. When we hang up, I will get busy creating a task management system for you that includes everything we talked about in our call and more. This will help you to remember your own action steps & any other important points that were mentioned.

Cost: $500.00


  • Questionnaire prior to our call
  • 90 minute phone call
  • Notes from our call
  • 2 weeks of support
  • A bonus 30 minute follow up call.

I want to help you understand how to create a business that you can feel proud of.

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Not sure which service is best for you? I would love to talk with you!

Let’s schedule a 30 minute call to see if we can figure out how best to support your practice goals!