“100% Necessary” – Lindsay Bauer, LMFT CYT

I had used Elizabeth’s services back in 2014 when I was starting my own practice. I would say everyone feels apprehensive about quitting a full time job, starting a private practice as going completely on your own. It’s scary. Working with Liz helped in so many ways. She offered a lot of emotional support because she too had gone through this and knew the feelings and fearful thoughts that were spinning in my head. Liz also gave me a checklist of all the steps I would have to take, IN ORDER. And I emphasize in order because in many cases, if you didn’t get step one done, you couldn’t move forward. It was very helpful to know that upfront and saved a lot of time and frustration. Liz also gave advice on billing, scheduling, and legal and ethical standards for a private practice. Overall, I would say Liz’s guidance was organized, informative, and 100% necessary!