Working with Liz gave me clarity, direction, and support. She made me feel like what I wanted made sense. It was so helpful to get feedback about my policies. My calls gave me the confidence to follow through and move forward. I immediately implemented new policies throughout my practice and raised my fees confidently. It made a huge difference.

Amanda White, LPC
Instagram: @therapyforwomen

“I started working with Elizabeth when I was starting my practice. I felt very apprehensive about quitting a full time job, starting a private practice and going on my own. It’s scary. Working with Liz helped in so many ways. She offered a lot of validation around the emotional experience I was having because she, too, had gone through this.

Liz also gave me a checklist of all the steps I would have to take, IN ORDER. And I emphasize in order because it helped me to actually get stuff done. I know it saved me a lot of time and frustration. Liz also gave advice on billing, scheduling, and legal and ethical standards for a private practice. Overall, I would say Liz’s guidance was organized, informative, and 100% necessary!”

Lindsay Bauer http://www.lindsaybauermft.com

I loved speaking to a THERAPIST that is also a BUSINESS minded WOMAN!

It was so helpful to gain focus regrading how and to who to market. The clarity I gained deeply resonates with my passion as a therapist and with my goals for the clinic.

After talking to Liz, I felt clarity around marketing and was immediately able to rework my Instagram and my website.

Sara Kuburic
Website: https://www.sara-kuburic.com
Instagram: @millennial.therapist

“After talking to Liz, I immediately found an associate to begin a group practice and will begin navigating the on-boarding experience in the coming weeks. I left the call with a to-do list that included updating aspects of my website, creating a Google Business Account, & drafting associate contracts.

She gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. To know that I am already on the right track was so helpful to hear. She helped me to imagine where I can be once I give it my full effort and this is very reassuring and energizing!”

Laura Goldstein https://mccounselingcenter.com/about-laura/

“We enjoyed getting a cleared vision for our practice and what we want people to experience/feel with us and how we explain ourselves. It inspired us to increase our engagement in outside of session networking/marketing/blog writing etc and looking to figure out how we make more time for these things as we grow”.

Group Practice in Chicago, Illinois *Asked to remain anonymous

“I felt very understood and built up! I’ve been calling it business therapy because that’s what it felt like! It was helpful to narrow down my professional introject, if you will, of being perceived as professional/competent enough (especially since this isn’t something that I feel relates/impacts my personal life.) This helped me to go over some tangible ways to improve my business practices. I left with steps on how to feel more confident, improve my website, and have policies in place that I feel good about & support me. I even made the decision to leave the group practice I was working in to venture out on my own, rent my own space, and find my own clients.”

Therapist in the process of building a practice. Asked to remain anonymous and I respect your privacy ya’ll